January 7, 2018

Our Practice

The history of the Londra Dent clinic goes back to 2001, when a small dental practice, called Luca Dent was opened out of love for our patients. The success of our dental office prompted us to develop the business and open up the Londra Dent clinic, in 2013.

“We changed the name to Londra Dent, as our practice became a dental clinic, with multiple offices, several new great doctors and a commitment to providing the best quality in dental services for our patients. We adhere to the most rigorous medical norms and we treat our patients with the same care and respect they would expect from a Western clinic, like a London practice. As a matter of convenience, we are situated right in the heart of the city, on Londra Street, Bucharest.”

(Dr. Dorin Luca)

We are deeply committed to the highest standards of hygiene and we spare no efforts in using only the best sterilization methods and equipment.

We firmly believe that you can only achieve stomatological excellence by working with exceptional materials and employing experienced doctors, with a real passion for their profession and a deep love for people.